Polish vision, Belgian roots

A timelapse

Construction company Building&Partners

The company’s foundation goes back to the year 2001, where the Belgian construction company Building&Partners completed its first construction projects in Belgium’s major cities.

Since then, the construction company together with its Belgian development arm ‘YOBO Real Estate’ has become an established player in the international construction industry.

Throughout this growth period, the Belgian company has always maintained close ties with Poland.

The close collaborations with Polish companies and workers therefore naturally ensured of a growing activity on the Polish market where the construction group started supervising larger and larger construction works on Polish territory.

"We resolutely choose to build in Poland with Polish materials and Polish employees.
As an international construction group, we believe in the great potential of the Polish real estate market."

- Tyas CEO Baltiko -

Fast forward to 2017

The idea of a local construction company in Poland is growing. With Poznan as its home base, the construction group launched the BALTIKO company shortly afterwards As a construction company/project developer, the company is committed to the construction of medium – to large – scale projects in Polish metropolitan areas. We work with a skilled crew of international employees to carry out these works.  

"Poland is ready for a large - scale renewal in terms of residential real estate. In recent years, the government has put a lot of effort into revamping the infrastructure, now it is up to us as contractors to build a fantastic living experience."

- Tyas CEO Baltiko -

Partnerships you can rely on

A housing project is a complex entity. For that, we don’t enlist just anyone. Every day, we invest in rock – solid partnerships Because we know: that’s an investment that pays off. Big time Only the best in their field come across our (yard) floor. Reliable professionals who anticipate obstacles from afar and skilfully tackle unforeseen challenges.

Our close cooperation with other construction companies ensures maximum efficiency and quality control of the entire construction process.

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